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    When overwhelmed with a major writing project,
    or trying to fit all the pieces of your life together,
    how do you get organized?

    Do you:

    • Start writing lists?
    • Start with an outline?
    • Reach for a stack of index cards?

    Why not all of the above?

    Gingko is a new kind of tool, that lets you shape your ideas
    with lists, outlines and cards, all in the same clean interface.

    Let your ideas flow freely into place.
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    "Between our tutorials and online magazine, we are constantly having to research new ideas, organize outlines, and share those outlines with our distributed team around the world. Gingko is key to that and I don't know how we would do it otherwise."

    Seth Kravitz
    CEO of PHLEARN, the leading Photoshop training company online

    "I can recommend gingko — very cool web tool for structuring prose. Got me through the third act of the last novel..."

    Michael Marshall Smith
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    "I've always struggled with writing projects and putting my thoughts together. With Gingko I have done more writing this week than the last 6 months."

    Ph.D. student, Computational Biology at Cornell University


    Your Thesis
    Collaborative Notes



    I am a new and devout user. It took all of, I don't know, 30 seconds? to convert me to Gingko. From what? Nothing.

    Because's there's nothing like it. Seriously awesome job.

    — Anna Hiatt

    I am absolutely in love. I’ll admit, when I first took a look I thought that it seemed strange and counter intuitive, but when I actually began writing I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

    You really nailed the keyboard shortcuts, the way cards are navigated, linked, and displayed, is awesome.

    This is the only way to write that I have ever come across that allows me to get everything out of my head at once and stay organized at the same time.

    — Patrick M.
    Software Engineer

    My default place to write: dump ideas, move to structure, flesh em out, rearrange, edit, export.

    — Osbert Lancaster
    Sustainability Events Facilitator

    It took away so much of my writing anxiety that it got me through from undergrad to a Ph.D. now.

    Kristi K., PhD Candidate in Film Studies

    Gingkoapp, is my standout favourite. I’ve been using it for a little over two months now and it’s nothing short of brilliant.
    You can think of it as the online version of pen & paper

    Matthew Setter, Coder & Tech Writer

    This book has been sitting in my head, on scraps of paper, and in jumbled Word documents, for weeks. With Gingko, I was able to create an outline of my main ideas that quickly grew into the structure and skeleton of my book!

    Jessica Lafleur, Creator of Stark Skincare

    LOVE the app.
    Really fabulous way of co-editing a book.

    Mo Fox, Consultant and Creative strategist

    This App is exactly the tool I’ve needed to give me confidence that I could keep it all organized AND get the story told RIGHT...

    Already I can see that this will allow me to proceed with confidence. I already feel far more organized. With that pressure off, now I can get the chapters written and the story told in a lucid way.


    Steve, Mexico

    I have pretty severe ADHD. In a way using DNF85级冰结师PK加点方案分享 技能装备连招全 ...-中国青年网:2021-7-22 · DNF冰结师连招解析 保护介绍: 一保:分为重量保护和加速保护,触发血量极为相似。重量保护,较先触发,效果为降低浮空高度;加速保护,较后 ...... The only way not to get overwhelmed is to tightly structure information so that parsing complicated things can be done in small increments...

    Thank you again, I don't really pay for things..., but congratulations on the huge feat of getting me to pay for something ;).

    V.K., London, Canada

    I use Gingko for writing research papers, it helps to focus on the elaboration of the concept and to work with large volumes of data.
    If Gingko existed earlier, it would have saved me 2 years off my PhD.

    Elena K., Historian

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